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Hey there, I'm Ron Douglas with Blue Collar Backers, the newest Discovery Channel TV show.

This show is different for 1 simple reason. Every host on this show is willing to put forward more than just $$$$, we're sweating it out with the business owners featured in each episode. That's why I'm so excited to be partnering with Discovery to bring you actionable case studies using real businesses facing real problems.

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Who Appears on the Show?

Ron Douglas (That's Me)

After learning the ins and outs of how to take a company to six figures, I now coach other companies to go from zero to six figures in Six months-or less. Now, I'm on Blue Collar Backers as a guest host and am loving it. If you're an entrepreneur or even a "wantrepreneur" you're going to love the content that Discovery is putting together and I'm so proud to be a part of it.

Brian Stark and Wes James

Arizona-based Brian Stark and Wes James are architects and designers. They create modern and functional spaces that inspire. They're looking to make the most out of any business opportunity in the Pheonix area and beyond. Check out their beautiful projects here.

Cameron Davies

Cameron carved out a place for himself in San Antonio, Texas by creating functional food trucks for customers nation-wide. Beyond creating "Cruising Kitchens" for their clients, they stress transparency and quality. Cruising Kitchens has worked with larger clients like Steak'n'shake to business owners just starting out. See some of Cameron's rad truck designs here.

Cain and Cam Roberds

Charming Mississippi twins Cain and Cam Roberds are impossible to categorize, they enjoy rolling up their sleeves and getting involved with their projects. They're serial entrepreneurs and have proved to be very successful with businesses ranging from a family general contracting company to a craft brewery. Don't be fooled by their southern charm, these guys are as shrewd as they come.